Access to Facilities As We Make Things Better

Workspaces & Employee Facilities

From fully air-conditioned workspaces to state-of-the-art conference rooms, we have a variety of facilities to ensure that our staff works in a comfortable office environment:

Our offices have sufficient workstation spaces to house our employees. All floors are equipped with air conditioning systems, segregated workspaces, main entrances with biometric doors, and surveillance cameras to ensure the safety and security of our staff, equipment and critical data.


Core Routing Equipment

Our system runs on a fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment safely kept in its own core routing quarters and supported by its own redundant power supply. Our fiber carriers are strategically set up in offices at disparate access points to guarantee that service failure does not occur, even in the case of a fiber cut.

Moreover, we acknowledge that having a Tier-1 data center means more than just buying the hardware and software. That’s why we employ the services of expert networking and security professionals that have had a lengthy background in terms of managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks. In addition, we see to it that our certified Rackspace network technicians continually undergo intensive and highly specialized training to ensure that we are able to realize our 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.


Zero-Downtime Network

Our Rackspace network has been configured to support the high-availability demands of our client’s mission-critical web applications. Moreover, our Cisco-powered, Zero-Downtime Network™ is equipped with unique self-healing features that enable us to fulfill our 100% infrastructure availability guarantee. And with a centralized information and control system, we can assure clients of greater flexibility, as well as quick identification of problems and application of solutions. With this, we can additionally promise efficiency and a speedy provision of quality service.

Business Continuity

We recognize that what we do is important to your business. That’s why it is integral in our work system to minimize service delivery lapses with business continuity plans. For one, our company has made sure to equip itself with a generator to supply operations with electricity in case of power interruptions. Furthermore, we have trained relievers ready to take over your dedicated staff’s task when inevitable emergencies come up.


We utilize three of the country’s leading ISPs to ensure that there is continuous productivity within our development offices and connectivity between our employees, project managers and clients.

Total Availability

We are open to flexible work schedules for dedicated staffing and have coordinators and managers serving different shifts to guarantee that issues are immediately entertained, escalated and given proper resolutions to.

  • We apply strict security measures, including 24-hour security, installation of surveillance cameras and use of biometric doors.
  • We use 12 dedicated servers on site and make use of Cisco hubs and routers.
  • We have a data center based in Dallas TX that makes use of 7 dedicated servers.
  • All servers are HIPAA compliant