A trusted and reliable outsourcing provider!

IdeaHub IT Solutions Provider, Inc. has already proven its worth in terms of outsourcing services ranging from virtual task management, SEO and internet marketing, online customer support to web designs, website and mobile app development, flash design animation and many others. Our company is the pioneer and leading provider of these clients, that until now, they choose to work with us. It is our pride to let you see our satisfied clients’ testimonials below.


What is the $45 service fee for?

It is an upfront payment to determine if you are serious with your VA requests. Once verified, we will provide you with a perfect VA match.

How do we start?

After filling up the forms, agreed to the Waiver provided and paid the service fee, you have the options to:

  1. Review resumes;
  2. Interview staff
  3. Or both;
  4. Trust us to provide you with the staff

If you want to review resumés or interview, we will send three (3) top matches to choose from.

What if the staff does not meet our requirements?

We go back to the same process until you find your perfect match up to 4 replacements within two (2) weeks. Take not that the earlier you get your match, the faster you get to other more important priorities.

What happens after two (2) weeks?

If you finally find someone who you feel you can work with, you start paying for the monthly service fee online.

What if in two (2) weeks I haven’t found a match?

This is most unlikely as we will screen the staffs first before they start working with you. But if this happens, we have to go back from the scratch of the hiring process and this includes paying the service fee again.

Can I start and end anytime?

You can start and end anytime. You will be billed upfront monthly. If you miss a payment, service will automatically be suspended until payment has been made. Monthly payments are non-refundable so make sure to end before the next billing cycle.

Is it possible that the staff may leave or get sick?

In worst case scenarios, they do leave. But that is what we are here for. We maintain business continuity. We make sure that your tasks are covered as we provide you with an immediate replacement.

Why hire from us and why not hire the staff directly?

There are a lot of perks if you choose to hire us rather than hiring your staff directly.

Access to specialized skilled staff immediatelyFinding talented staffs is difficult since most of the skilled workers are already employed
Quick turnaround of work outputRecruiting and hiring staff consumes a lot of time
Cost-effectiveYou need to invest on office space, equipment, payroll to start up a project/business.
Saves timeYou and your staffs have limited working hours
Services are available 24 hoursYou need to recruit and hire again if you want to expand or have more projects.
Ideal for start-up, small, medium, or large companies

Who is responsible to train the staff?

We will just simply hire for you. We are not responsible with the output and the training of the staff. You know your business well and what you need. You have the freedom to equip your staff with everything you need them done. Instead, we make sure that the staffs are qualified and have a high learning potential.