Game Moderation

Outsourcing Game Moderation

Digital era is here!

Modern technology is changing constantly. The number of people getting engaged in online games continues to escalate. Children and adults alike take time off to play a wide range of multi-player games that have kept flooding the Internet.

Game Fascination

There are those who continue to be fascinated with traditional free online games such as Chinese Checkers and Backgammon. Several others shifted to those featured in popular social media sites like Candy Crush, The Sims, Texas Hold’ Em Poker, Zuma Blitz, and Mafia Wars.

Several others now venture in MMPORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing games like Clash of Clans, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), World of Warcraft, League of the Legends (LoL), Fantasy Earth Zero, Perfect World and many more.

These games provide not only ample source of enjoyment but can also weave and foster new relationships, such as between online gamers from different locations. Now, a lot of Filipinos today have shown so much interest in online games, playing the role of game moderators.

What Is A Game Moderation?

For those who do not know, game moderators are offshore professionals who are hired as game masters and whose tasks involve ensuring that players adhere to rules and guidelines of the game. Game moderators also ensure that online gaming sites are kept free from inappropriate, illegal contents.

What do they do? Game moderators moderate the contents on the server. They have the capability to impose a ban, to kick or view logs on the servers. Hence, game moderators should be trusted.

Outsourcing Game Moderation

Most Filipinos have a strong understanding of the English language and are well-exposed to Western culture. Thus, they have the capability to communicate well with various online gamers from different parts of the world. Aside from this, they are also technically inclined and have a great appreciation for online games, making them the most viable candidate for game moderation services.

  • Cost-efficient. Businesses can actually save a lot of money when outsourcing game moderation services. Outsourcing to the Philippines is already known to be the most inexpensive way to put up and grow a business. Labor costs are way cheaper when compared to other global outsourcing providers. Filipinos have the highest English proficiency rate in the world as well.
  • Filipinos are known to be hardworking and efficient when it comes to providing services. Although Philippines is a developing country, Filipinos are exposed to the latest trends in technology. In fact, a lot of institutions provide technologically skilled studies to suffice the needs of the growing outsourcing industry.
  • Time Zone Advantage. Filipinos are also flexible when it comes to working time and number of working hours. Therefore, you will have a regular monitoring on your services and ensures that game moderation services have quality.

What Can We Do?

IdeaHub IT Solutions Provider, Inc. has been moderating online and mobile games for several years now. We provide reliable game moderators who effectively monitor essential processes occurring within game sites. These professionals are trained to identify and check game cheaters as well as duplicate account creators that could possibly put the website in a bad light.